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Markhoeve Dairy

Local , Fresh,  Wholesome, Sustainable

The Backx Family Legacy

Meet the Backx family—your local dairy providers with a passion for crafting exceptional, locally made products.

Our Products

Each product is a testament to our commitment to local, sustainable, and wholesome dairy. Elevate your culinary experience with a taste of tradition, straight from our farm to your table.


Whole Milk

Indulge in our rich, creamy whole milk—unhomogenized for maximum flavor. Shake, savor, and return for eco-friendly freshness!



Discover Quark: European-style fresh cheese, akin to creamy Greek yogurt. Perfect for desserts, breakfast, or as a versatile ingredient in baking and dips.


Chocolate Milk

Savor our indulgent chocolate milk—creamy, non-homogenized bliss with a cocoa surprise. Shake, sip, and return for eco-friendly sweetness!



Enjoy our creamy, slightly tart yogurt—crafted from pasteurized whole milk. Start your day right with our full-fat delight, perfect with fruit or granola.

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Explore Our Farm-to-Table Delights!

Discover the essence of Norfolk County's finest dairy, where quality meets sustainability!

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Sustainability Commitment

At Markhoeve Dairy, sustainability is integral. From eco-conscious farming to green packaging, every decision prioritizes the environment. Our cows graze on lush pastures, fostering a balanced farm ecosystem, and our eco-friendly packaging minimizes our footprint, ensuring your choice for quality dairy supports a healthier planet.

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